Monosem - Industry Leading technology to Increase Yields and Profits

The Versitility of the MONOSEM vacuum meter is demonstrated in its ability to meter many different seeds types.  With great accuracy and dependability.


Monosem has long been known as the leader in vacuum planter technology, whether it is planting acres of corn, beans, sweet corn, onions or carrots.  Monosem has the knowledge, technology to increase your yields and profits.


Monosem MS Precision Vacuum Planter for Vegetables and Greens


Monosem NG High Accuracy Planters For Corn, Beans, Sugar Beets

Monosem MS Precision Vacuum Planters offer the highest accuracy in seed singulation, depth control, seed spacing


Custom Built Planters available to match you row spacing, crops, seed type, and transport needs.

Monosem offers it's custom built NG planters in many configurations, from mounted three point hitch mounts, pull types, stackable, center fold toolbars, single, twin and ultra narrow row planters for all types of cash crops including corn, soybeans, edible beans, milo, sugar beets etc.