Monosem High Accuracy Seeders and Planters Dealer For Ontario, Canada, Leading In Accurate Singulation, Spacing, and Depth Control
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Ag Leader - Northern Equipment Solutions - Ontario's Leading Agricultural GPS Solution
Raven Precision - GPS Systems, Sprayer and Spreader Controls - Ontario, Canada Dealer - Northern Equipment Solutions
Agrimatics Libra - iPad and iPhone app for grain cart weighing and data management app
Ontario's Amazone Dealer - Northern Equipment Solutions - - Spreaders, Disks, Planters, Sprayers and Drills
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Veris Technologies Soil Sensing and Mapping Solutions For Soil Electrical Conductivity - EC, Organic Matter - OM, and pH
Redball Crop Spray Hoods Available From Northern Equipment Solutions - Ontario, Canada
Montag Dry Fertilizer, Strip Till, Liquid Fertilizer Carts and Transport Systems
Simon Carrot Harvesters - Ontario,Canada

Providing The Very Best Equipment and Technology In Agriculture To Help Increase Your On Farm Yields, Profits and Expertise


The Worlds Most Accurate Planters and Seeders For Grains, Cereals and Vegetables From Monosem and Amazone.  Northern Equipment Solutions Is Your Garlic Equipment Expert With garlic planting, harvesting and processing and packaging equipment for Canadian Farmers.  Northern Equipment Solutions Prides Itself In Offer The Leading Technology For Tractor and Implement Control, Data Management and Farm Management Software From Ag Leader and Raven.  


Northern Equipment Solutions is also you one stop shop for the very best in custom built very equipment for field and for processing, as well as servicing all makes of cash crop and veggie equipment.



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