Ag Leader Precision AG Solutions, Ontario Canada

SureForce Features

Instant Response Time

Instantly responds to changing conditions by adjusting pressure to give each row each the exact pressure needed to plant at ideal depth. Replaces manual springs or airbags that have a up to 20 seconds delay in response.

Instantly Apply or Remove Force

Overcome the toughest field conditions with the most powerful downforce system on the market. SureForce instantly provides the necessary downforce to maintain depth in no-till conditions and varying soil types, through heavy residue, and in compacted areas. In areas where the row unit has too much weight, hydraulic uplift prevents sidewall compaction by removing excess weight on the gauge wheels.

Handles All Planting Environments

No matter what your fields throw at you, this system adjusts for varying soil types and conditions, tillage practices, compaction, light soils, weight on planter and more.

Easy Operation 

No margins, no guessing. Set your system settings to low, medium or heavy and let the system adjust force required to maintain consistent gauge wheel load. 

Fits Most Planters

Installs directly on the planter, compatible with most planters on the market from 1 to 36 row configurations.

Powerful Actuator

Dual-acting hydraulic actuator immediately responds to changes and adjusts instantaneously for consistent depth and a smooth ride.

Individual Row Control

Monitor, record and control weight needs of each row to allow for consistent depths across various topography and soil conditions. 

Force Capacity

SureForce offers up to 250 pounds of uplift and 650 pounds of down force.

200 readings per second

SureForce has a gauge wheel sensor on every row to give an accurate reading for the gauge wheel load recorded and downforce or uplift applied. A gauge wheel sensor reports up to 200 load values per second.