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Ag Leader Precision AG Solutions, Ontario Canada

Ag Leader Displays

Whether you are new to precision farming, or you've been doing it for years, one thing is clear: the display you choose is the hub of any successful operation. That's why Ag Leader gives you three choices that are easy to use, feature-rich and competitively priced.

So Simple Dad Could Teach You

Be InCommand™ 

with the new InCommand™ Displays and AgFiniti™ Mobile

With the new InCommand displays and AgFiniti®, you are in control of your entire operation. IN cab, visualize what is happening IN each row with precision detail. Take that information with you IN field on your iPad® for scouting. Have it readily available IN office for a meeting with your consultant, when making seed or fertilizer decisions. IN every season let these powerful displays go to work for you. Complete control IN your hands.

InCommand™ 1200

Loaded with advanced features and user-friendly functionality for year-round precision farming. A few of its standout features include split-screen view and advanced planter control. InCommand syncs directly with your iPad to take maps with you when you leave the field.

Learn More InCommand™ 1200

InCommand™ 800

The same tablet-like interaction you get from InCommand 1200 but in a smaller package. InCommand 800 is a great resource to bring your farm year-round precision and on-the-go decision-making..

Learn More InCommand™ 800

SureDrive™ - Electric Planter Drive Control

Introducing Ag Leader's electric drive solution, SureDrive®. Of the many features of electric drives, growers gain precise control of planter meter performance to incorporate variable rate planting, turn compensation and row-by-row shut-off.

The Next Generation of planter electric drive systems is here!


True to Ag Leader’s traditional “color-blind” approach, SureDrive is built to install on most major planter brands on the market. Uniquely, the efficient, yet high torque electric drive motor isn’t tied to a specific brand or type of seed meter, including hard pulling finger meters, making it able to optimize the meter and planter you already have.

SeedCommand™ - Planter Control

Ag Leader InCommand 1200 GPS Display Monitor For Ontario Growers
Today’s high-tech seed isn’t cheap. If you’re not in proper control of how much seed you plant, how it's planted or where it's planted, you’re probably sacrificing yield potential and bottom line performance.

The Next Generation of SeedCommand is here!


Each planting season you get one chance to get your plant stand just right. Making sure your planter is performing optimaly and each seed is being placed at the right depth, at the right spacing and at the right population is critical. Achieve the best stand of your life with SeedCommand.

Overcome Compaction - Maintain Seed Depth & Spacing - Identify Planter Errors 

Guidance and Steering


The new SteerCommand automated steering controller offers leading precision steering performance when paired with GPS 6500. 

OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering

Reduce Fatigue.  Improve Pass To Pass Accuracy

Add OnTrac3 assisted steering to any modern tractor, combine, application rig or other vehicle. No hydraulics required!

ag leader tractor and macine gps steerin solution
Ag Leader OnTrak3 AssistedSteeing Solution
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