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Whether you are new to precision farming, or you've been doing it for years, one thing is clear: the display you choose is the hub of any successful operation. That's why Ag Leader gives you three choices that are easy to use, feature-rich and competitively priced.

So Simple Dad Could Teach You

Be InCommand™ 

with the new InCommand™ Displays and AgFiniti™ Mobile

With the new InCommand displays and AgFiniti®, you are in control of your entire operation. IN cab, visualize what is happening IN each row with precision detail. Take that information with you IN field on your iPad® for scouting. Have it readily available IN office for a meeting with your consultant, when making seed or fertilizer decisions. IN every season let these powerful displays go to work for you. Complete control IN your hands.

InCommand™ 1200

Loaded with advanced features and user-friendly functionality for year-round precision farming. A few of its standout features include split-screen view and advanced planter control. InCommand syncs directly with your iPad to take maps with you when you leave the field.

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InCommand™ 800

The same tablet-like interaction you get from InCommand 1200 but in a smaller package. InCommand 800 is a great resource to bring your farm year-round precision and on-the-go decision-making..

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