Guidance and Steering

Ag Leader displays feature advanced, integrated guidance systems, capable of multiple guidance patterns. So even if you only want guidance, our lineup of displays give you that -- plus lots of room to grow.

The Next Generation of SeedCommand is here!


Each planting season you get one chance to get your plant stand just right. Making sure your planter is performing optimaly and each seed is being placed at the right depth, at the right spacing and at the right population is critical. Achieve the best stand of your life with SeedCommand.

Overcome Compaction - Maintain Seed Depth & Spacing - Identify Planter Errors 


The new SteerCommand automated steering controller offers leading precision steering performance when paired with GPS 6500. 

OnTrac3™ Assisted Steering

Reduce Fatigue.  Improve Pass To Pass Accuracy

Add OnTrac3 assisted steering to any modern tractor, combine, application rig or other vehicle. No hydraulics required!

GPS Receiver

All-in-one antenna receiver systems offering an affordable solution for sub-meter accuracy.

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