Ag Leader SteerCommand™

Ag Leader can revolutionize the way you farm with our autosteer technologies. If you want sub-inch accuracy, leading steering performance and simple setup, you'll get that and much more with the new SteerCommand automated steering controller paired with GPS 6500.

Best-in-class Automated Steering Performance

with the all-new SteerCommand®

For growers seeking an integrated steering experience, SteerCommand offers best-in-class integrated steering performance when paired with GPS 6500 for repeatable, precision steering via RTK correction.

  • Access to CORS and RTK networks for repeatable sub-inch accuracy with GPS 6500 combined with Relay.

  • GPS 6500 with SteerCommand supports GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, Terra-Star and RTK.

  • Nine-Axis Terrain Compensation accommodates for rolling ground and driving through waterways, ditches and over terraces.

  • Internal compass helps maintain steady heading.

  • Compact controller size allows ease of transfer between machines and allows more flexibility with installation.

  • Maximum compatibility with custom installation kits for over 600 different vehicles.


Auto-calibration through the Ag Leader displays makes installation simple - even when moving it from one vehicle to another.

SmartPath Guidance Patterns

SteerCommand supports the most common and advanced guidance patterns, including SmartPath®. With SmartPath, drive one pass through the field to establish a custom guidance pattern based on your initial pass.

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