Agrimatics Libra Cart


App Features:


Libra Cart is a tablet and smartphone-based grain cart weighing and data management system. The Libra Cart hardware device mounts directly onto your grain cart and wirelessly communicates with the Libra app running on a compatible mobile device in your tractor cab. Libra Cart’s patent pending technology automatically records the date, time, weight and GPS location of each grain cart unload, and provides load tracking from field to truck to destination. It’s easy to set up and simple to use for operators of all ages and technological skill level.


Libra Cart is currently compatible with iPad 3 or newer, iPhone 4S or newer, as well as Android devices running versions 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth Smart.


To purchase a replacement battery, visit your Agrimatics dealer or click here.


Please note that all of our updates/new features are developed for iOS devices first.

APP Features

Unload Detection


The Libra app can automatically determine how much grain was unloaded from your cart and isn't fooled by driving over rough terrain. The algorithm has been optimized and optimized again using real-world data, and doesn't require any special sensors.


Unlimited Remotes


An unlimited number of devices can see the live weight from the device and can independently tare. This allows the combine operator to calibrate the yield monitor right from his or her smartphone.


Data Sharing


The app can instantly email harvest data as a csv file for use in any spreadsheet package. And with the upcoming Libra Pro service, this becomes even easier, with automatic synching between devices and the web-app. No more USB sticks, printers, or notebooks.


Track Field, Destination and Commodity


The app supports an unlimited number of fields, destinations and commodities, all of which are recorded with each load.Truck, Field and Destination




The main weight tab shows at a glance the total for the truck, field and destination, so you always know where you're at.


GPS Location of Loads


If your mobile device supports GPS, you can log the GPS location of every load, giving you a built-in audit trail of your production.


Configurable Units


It can display data in Pounds, Kilograms or Bushels, allowing your operator to see things in the most familiar units.


Transaction Control


If needed, it is simple for the operator to edit, create or delete transactions.


Display Smoothing


Libra's dynamic display filtering stabilizes the weight when driving over rough terrain.


Our patent pending Libra Cart device connects wirelessly to all in-range mobile devices, providing world-class indicator displays to the entire team. Wireless and battery-operated means that it's simple to install, and our power-efficient design means you can easily get through a season without having to replace the battery. Our rugged design can handle extreme temperatures, vibration, mud, sun, rain and snow. Our current feature set includes:

  • Easy Install
    Libra Cart mounts directly onto your grain cart and connects to industry-standard load cells through the junction box.
  • Wireless
    Libra Cart wirelessly communicates with the Libra app, so there are no cables between the tractor and the grain cart.
  • Battery-operated
    Libra Cart is very energy efficient and outlasts the harvest season for most farms on a single battery (3.6V AA lithium).
  • Weatherproof
    Libra Cart is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high vibrations.
  • Over-the-air-updates
    You can update the software from your mobile device, so you can always take advantage of the latest features.
  • Remote Diagnostics
    Libra is designed to just work. If problems do arise, remote diagnostic capabilities help us get you running.