Amazone has long been known for offering the very best in high accuracy equipment, Amazones Z-Series of fertilizer spreaders are unmatched in spreading width and accuracy.

Amazone ZG-B Fertilizer Spreader

AMAZONE‘s ZG-B range of bulk fertiliser spreaders represents a high output range of machines for the efficient and ecological application of mineral fertilisers and earth moist fertilisers. All models have certain features in common: they offer the best possible spreading accuracy, maximum reliability, and are easy and convenient to operate, which makes them ideal for use by large farms, agricultural contractors, or in farming cooperatives. Different specification variants and a comprehensive range of accessories make AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders the obvious first choice for any business!

Amazone ZG-TS Fertilizer Spreader

For large farms, agricultural contractors and farm overlapping operations, AMAZOME offers, with its ZG-TS, a high-capacity large area spreader for the quick and precise application of mineral fertilisers. The ZG-TS is characterised by its outstanding precision and huge output made possible by the TS spreading System with integrated AutoTS boundary spreading system. Convenient operation is made possible via the ISOBUS operator terminal, such as, for example‚ AMATRON 3, CCI 100 or AMAPAD and is available with 2 hopper sizes - 5500 and 8200 l.

As standard the ZG-TS is equipped with 8-fold part-width section control. The ZG-TS Tronic Features a part width section control via spread rate and delivery system adaptation. The ZG-TS Hydro controls the part width sections via a spread rate-, a delivery system- and rev. speed adaptation. Needless to say, that the ZG-TS spreaders can also be accessed via GPS.    

Amazone Zx-TS Fertilizer Spreader Innovations

Apart from just adapting the application rate and the delivery system, the ability to control the speed of either the left or right hand side spreading disc speed individually means that the ZA-TS Hydro models, again along with the electric delivery system adjustment, offer the additional benefit of being able to reduce the throwing width from the outer edge to the middle. Particularly when working at larger widths, and in long, shallow wedge shaped fields, the Hydro version offers additional benefits in comparison to the mechanically-driven machines ensuring the perfect spreading of wedge shaped fields and when in short work.
The ZA-TS Hydro features, in manual mode, 8 part-width sections which are controlled by simple hand pressure on a key. In automatic mode via GPS-Switch or SectionControl, the number of part-width sections is doubled to 16. 
Apart from the benefit of these additional part-width sections, the ZA-TS Hydro also offers the big advantage of being able to be operated independently from the engine speed of the tractor, saving fuel and providing, if necessary, additional reserve in hilly Terrain.

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