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Amazone XTender Rear Mount Fertilizer/Seed Hopper

XTender is a flexibly adjustable hopper  system for use in conjunction with passive soil tillage equipment. The
XTender rear tank offers the possibility to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed during the soil tillage operation.

Maximum Flexibility 

In times of increasing prices for fertilizer, efficient base fertilization becomes ever more important. Targeted fertilization during soil tillage is a solution which provides the plant with nutrients in the best possible way. Fertilization during soil tillage can also add logistical advantages when compared to fertilization during sowing, especially when larger amounts have to be applicated.
So, any downtime of the seed drill can be avoided and the time frames for sowing can be more effectively made use of. Not least because of changing political framework conditions, the establishment of catch crops plays an increasingly important role. Above all though for sowing, solutions are required that can be combined with existing machinery.  
With the XTender rear tank system, AMAZONE here offers an efficient solution where the sowing of catch crops, applying a starter fertiliser in catch crops or for adding compensation fertiliser for straw rotting, are combined in just one pass

High Outputs

XTender features a 4,200 l pressurised hopper that can be split in a ratio of 50/50. Depending on whether only fertiliser or seed needs to be applied, the XTender, from choice, can be equipped with one or two conveying systems. Application rates from 2 to 400 kg/ha can be achieved
For the hopper, AMAZONE relies on a deep-pressed base hopper. Due to its production via a deep-drawn process, the hopper is created without any corners, edges or weld seams, providing a constant and even flow of the fertiliser and the seed. Low level sensors in the left and right hand tank tips monitor the fill level. The system sends an alarm to the terminal as soon as the minimum fill level is reached.
The hopper is equipped as standard with a ladder and an appropriate loading platform which offers exceptional access. Thanks to the large hopper opening, filling is quick and simple to accomplish.