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Crop Protection Categories
Fabric Retrieval
Frost Protection
Andros Sidewinder_v001_web-1-scaled.jpeg
  • Retrieves agricultural crop protection fabrics

  • Create uniform, dense rolls of used fabric material

  • Ideal for recycling of fabric clothes

  • Rapid retrieval

  • Hydraulic ejection of rolls

  • Install and retrieve frost cloth

  • Simple process for handling heavy rolls

  • Used for disposal or reuse of cloth

  • Install low-tunnel plastic covering and metal rods

Bee and Wildlife Netting
  • Install and retrieve netting

  • Bee netting

  • Wildlife netting

  • Vineyards

  • Orchards (mandarin orange orchards)

Low Tunnel
  • Precision roll carriers.

  • Drop forged opening and closing disk.

  • Ground driven powered.

  • Adjustable placement.

  • Systems offered: single row, dual row, triple row.

Plastic Mulch
  • Mulch layout implements

  • Can be configured with drip tape injection tools

  • Mulch retrieval implements

  • Single to multiple row units

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