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We understand your profit margin is subject to a lot of factors you can’t control. So, we make products to help manage the ones you can. Intelligent Ag develops new technologies to make your equipment work smarter and maximize the efficiency of your operation. Our simple yet reliable technologies ensure accuracy in every acre so every bushel looks better on your bottom line.
Section and Swath Control For John Deere 1910 Air Carts - Retro-fit by Intelligent Ag
Ontario's Dealer For Intelligent Ag - Recon Blockage And Flow Monitoring For Fertilizer Applicators

Intelligent AG Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor For Air Max and Other Boom Style Fertilizer Applicators

Intelligent Ag offers multiple product families to provide various levels of monitoring and automation to your operation. Our versatile products adapt to a wide range of equipment -- from air seeders to dry fertilizer applicators -- to enhance efficiency and accuracy in every pass. And with our patented acoustic technology, reliable software and straight-forward user interfaces, you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re putting in the ground so you can get more out of it.

Intelligent Ag - Zone Control - Swat
Section Control JD 1910 Air Cart Ret
Swath Control JD 1910 Air Cart Retro