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Live-Bottom Belted Trailers

The Strong Box live-bottom belted trailers allow you to have versatility across many crops or aggregates by allowing you to unload quickly and gently. Unlike an end-dump, you are able to control your unload rate and have greater stability, by keeping a low center of gravity even on sloped ground. You are also able to haul wet materials such as lime and manure that are known to stick to end-dump walls causing frequent rollover accidents. Lastly, you won't have to worry about overhead obstructions such as powerlines or bridges on the job site.

Positive Drive

Sleek Design

Sleek Design

Our powerful, positive chain-drive belted floor ensures you won't have slippage giving you a fast unload rate that is smooth & gentle.

Our enclosed side walls give you great aerodynamics & a clean look. It also gives you flex where you want it and strength where you need it.

Easily change between crops with little to no modifications. You will be able to switch from sugar beets to grains in the matter of minutes.


Standard Features

  • Obstruction-free interior

  • Aerodynamic enclosed sides

  • Positive-drive triple chain flap-belt

  • Double planetary drive system

  • DOT approved bumper

  • 3/16" plastic liner on slopes

  • 2-speed landing gear

  • Spring suspension

  • ABS on one axle

  • Professional finishing from auto body

  • Sandblast, primer, caulking, & paint

Additional Options

  • Lengths from 34' up to 50'

  • Side wall height options

    • 60", 66", 72" & mix match ​

  • Flap-Belt width options​

    • 30", 36" & 50"​

  • In cab operator console

  • Full opening hydraulic rear gate

  • Mud scrapers between duals

  • Super single with aluminum rims

  • Air ride suspension systems

  • Multiple axles

  • PTO wet kit systems

  • Electric over hydraulic drives

  • Gas over hydraulic drives

  • Shur-Co tarp systems

  • LED light upgrades

  • Special paint or top-coat jobs

    • Metallics, multi-color, & decals​