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Amazone XTender Rear Mount Fertilizer/Seed Hopper

XTender is a flexibly adjustable hopper  system for use in conjunction with passive soil tillage equipment. The
XTender rear tank offers the possibility to simultaneously apply fertiliser and/or seed during the soil tillage operation.

Amazone GreenDrill Cover Crop Seeder Box

To enable the simultaneous sowing of catch crops during soil tillage, and for sowing grass, AMAZONE offers the GreenDrill catch crop seeder box. It can be used in combination with the Catros compact harrow, the Cenius mulch cultivator, the Certos heavy compact disc harrow, the KG rotary cultivator or with the KE rotary harrow. The seed is distributed evenly by the spreader plates.
The GreenDrill seed hopper holds 200 l or alternatively 500 l and is easily accessed via the loading steps provided. Within the metering system located underneath the seed hopper, is a seed shaft that is equipped, depending on the type of seed and the application rate with either fine or normal seed wheels. The drive to the seed shaft is electric and that of the blower fan either electric or hydraulic.
For the control of the seeder, two computer versions are available with differences in the level of  operational comfort. In its basic format, the seed shaft and the blower fan as well as the rotational speed of the seed shaft can be adjusted via the 3.2 in-cab terminal. In the Comfort execution, the 5.2 terminal offers an additional selection menu to assist in the calibration test and to indicate the forward speed, the finished area and the working hours. The seed shaft speed automatically matches to the changing forward speeds if the on-board computer is connected to the 7-pin tractor signal socket.

Amazone ZA-TS Mounted Fertilizer Spreader

The ZA-TS mounted spreaders and ZG-TS trailed spreaders are available in hopper capacities from 1,400 to 8,200 l and are both equipped with the new TS spreading unit. The TS spreading unit is designed for working widths of up to 54 m and, at the same time, offers particularly excellent border spread patterns. This makes the ISOBUS ZA-TS and ZG-TS the highest performing of spreaders.
The accurate weighing system, the precise AutoTS and ClickTS border spreading systems, the comfortable Argus Twin technology, as well as the many other additional options, make these fertiliser spreaders possibly the most modern in their class.

Amazone ZA-M Fertilizer Spreader

The ZA-M twin-disc broadcaster, in hopper capacities up to 3,000 litres and spreading widths of up to
36m, is the ideal machine for both farming enterprises and contractors alike and places great value on
safety and reliability. The slow-turning, high capacity agitation system and the reduced disc speeds
ensure an even, granule-protecting fertiliser flow.

Amazone ZA-V Fertilizer Spreader

The ZA-V mounted spreader is available in hopper capacities from 1,400 to 4,200 l and it impresses with its high operational speeds of up to 30 km/h. Thanks to a high spreading capacity of up to 390 kg/min and working widths of up to 36 m, exceptionally high acreage outputs are achieved.
ISOBUS communication, weighing system, the hydraulic or electric Limiter V or V+ border spreading systems plus the many other optional extras make the ZA-V one of the most modern fertiliser spreaders in its class.

The twin disc spreader for smaller to medium sized arable farms and grassland farms. The ZA-X Perfect allows convenient adjustment and the accurate spreading of all commercial types of fertiliser up to 18 m and with Urea up to 15 m.

Amazone ZA-X Perfect Fertilizer Spreader