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Pre-Bed Maker

Proper Yields are Only Achieved With Proper Growing Conditions - Our Pre-Bedders For Marijuana and Hemp Production Ensure Your Plants Grow In The Best Conditions To Maximize Yields and Growth

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Bed Shaper 

Often A Forgotten Or Mis- Managed Step In The Growth Of Marijuana and Hemp, Proper Beds Ensure Your Plants Receive The Correct Moisture Throughout The Growing Season

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High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer

Manage Soil Temperatures and and Competing Weed Growth With Plastic Mulch

Kennco Water Wheel Transplanter.jpg
Transplanter For Marijuana and Hemp Live Plants

Large Transplants Require Specialized Equipment - Custom Built To Your Specifications

Direct Hemp and Marijuana Seeder

Increase your productivity and lower your cost per acre with direct seeded hemp and marijuana crops

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Mechanical Weed Cultivation 

Don't lose the battle with weeds in your hemp or outdoor marijuana grow operation, we have custom built solutions to meet your needs