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For over 20 years, K.U.L.T. – Kress Cultivation Solutions has manufactured the highest quality and most efficient cultivation equipment on the globe. Our German engineered solutions, such as the world-renowned Kress Finger Weeder and Kress Robovator, are each designed to cut labor costs while allowing farmers to focus their vital resources on other aspects of their business.

Finger Weeder

Kult Medium Fingerweeder .jpg

Fingerweeders are the tools that give the magic of in row weeding. The fingers work by fracturing the soil from the root zone upward, freeing the roots, and germinated seeds, of weeds from soil moisture. This allows the crop plant to take up more moisture and nutrients.

DUO Cultivator Solutions


The Duo is designed for early close cultivation of direct seeded crops in rows and in beds, with row spacing as close as 9”. It also works well with small transplants. The Duo name comes from the unit, which straddles the row

Vineyard & Orchard Solutions

KULT Vineyard fingerweeder.jpg

The Maxi is the primary tool for weed control in mature vineyards, orchardsand large nursery stock. The poly disc, 28 in diameter, with heavy steel drive cleats can be worked in the row, in the root zone, Without damage to the vines.

ARGUS Toolbar System

kult argus solution 3.jpg

The KULT-Kress ‘Argus’ tool bar and steering system is the ideal base for mounting our tools in small to large scale vegetable, herb and flower production…anywhere close spaced rows are direct seeded or transplanted.

HABICHT Toolbar System

Kult Habicht and argus toolbar

The KULT-Kress  HABICHT hoe – robust construction

for large working widths for mounting in front, back
or between the axles

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