Custom Built Manual Steer Weed Cultivation and Hoeing Tools

Some Of The Possible Configurations

Argus Toolbar Profile and Mounting Surface

Habicht Toolbar Profile and Mounting Surface

Cultivator module, 1 tooth, short


Cultivator module, 1 tooth, long

Cultivator module, 3 tooth, short

Cultivator module, 5 teeth

Cultivator module, 3 teeth,long with special square-turn knifes

Cultivator module, 3 teeth, long with crop protection discs

Parallel module „Special“
– Reinforced version
– hight adjustable support wheel clearance up to 80 cm

Cultivator module 5 teeth, with „Ridge Cultivator“:
Adjustable furrower and adjustable furrow discs

Telescopic Hoe module
– to mount in front or behind the toolbar
– very compact construction
Parallel module „Standard“
short, normal, long
– hight adjustable support wheel
– clearance 50 to 75 cm

4 stars red, 4 stars black

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