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To learn how Monosem can custom build your hemp planter, reduce your seed costs and increase your yields.  Custom designed seed monitoring, high accuracy seed disks, disk clean out systems and more.
Hemp Seed Is Very Expensive - Choose a Monosem Seeder
Direct Seed Planter for Hemp

Extremely Accurate Seed Spacing combined with Uniform Depth Control puts you on the right path for a very successful growing season.

Hemp seed can be very expensive. That is why the Monosem planter is the right choice. We have decades of experience in the vegetable industry and have taken many of these proven features into hemp planting.

The Monosem metering unit accurately singulates hemp seed. An ejector system directs the seed down the seed tube into the seed furrow where the closing system, designed for shallow planting, creates excellent seed to soil contact.

Monosem Direct Seed Hemp - CBD and Cannabis Planter
Monosem Meter

The Monosem Meter is constructed of cast aluminum, with a stainless steel seed disc for long life and low maintenance.

Standard Features Include 2 bushel seed hoppers, depth gauge wheels, rubber V-press closing wheels. Planter can be ground or hydraulic driven. Row spacing from 15” – 80”.

Critical Features Optional flat press wheels with disc closing suited for shallow planting of Hemp. A secondary air system to help keep the seed disc holes clean. Liquid or dry fertilizer systems available as is insecticide.

Monosem Hemp Seeder and Planter
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