Monosem NG +4

The reference in planters which combines precision and versatility. The Monosem NG Plus 4 Planter Series.


Type of seed Corn & Maize, Sugar beet, Sunflower, Canola & Rapeseed, Beans, Soya beans, Sorghum




Launched in the 70’s in the United States the notion of planting resting on the ground directly in line with the seed drop.


But since 20 years, the NG Plus has not ceased to progress to further meet with your requirements.  A DESIGN which makes all the difference in seed singulation, population control and depth control.


INCOMPARABLE PLANTING QUALITY AND OPTIMAL DEPTH CONTROL.  Rests on the ground directly in line with the seed dropFollows the ground contoursExceptional performances in all conditions


Monosem has long been the inovator in precision seed placement planters, learn how you can see the yield and profit increases of a Monosem planter - The Most Important Pass.

Standard Equipment

  1. Monoshox linkage. Coil-over adjustable down pressure spring with gas filled shock to control bounce and maintain cosistent planting depth. 1/2″ steel linkage with 7/8″ steel pins

  2. 3 bolt hole row unit attachment (clod remover, residue manager)

  3. 15″ Tru-Vee disk openers with 4 mm thick blades and cast hubs

  4. Independent depth gauge wheels available in different widths for different conditions

  5. Rubber V-Closing wheels with screw adjust or T-handle standard. Optional closing wheels and brackets are available

  6. Screw adjust depth control for more fine tuning adjustment

  7. Precision cast aluminum vacuum meter housing with stainless steel seed disc

  8. 2 Bu Seed hopper (optional 16 liter, UNR, & 3 BU hopper available)

Monosem Monoshox®


Monoshox® Adjustable No-Till Down Pressure and Dampening System Available only from Monosem, Monoshox® Row Units have heavy-duty adjustable downpressure springs combined with a high performance gas filled shock for dampening upswing. This provides a better reduction in row-unit bounce, and keeps ground contact consistent at faster planting speeds.


Often compared to hydraulic down force, and pneumatic air bag systems, Monoshox® controlled row units have a lower investment price, as well as a near zero down time and maintenace design.  Monoshox® controls the row unit in both directions, stopping the hard bounces that happen with aftermarket downforce systems, which cause seeds to drop from the seed meter section.

Monosem SyncRow®


SyncRow® Precision Seed Stagger Offset Adjustment Sync-Row® combined with the Monosem Precision Meter Box in the Twin-Row system, gives Monosem Planters the ability to accurately set the stagger of the Twin-Rows, this creates the optimal offset, the diamond pattern Twin-Row.


No other planter offers the true diamond pattern seed placement like a Monosem.  Whether it is for seed trials, high yield growers or innovative growers you wil see why Monosem is the planter of choice.

Monosem - Each Planter Is A Custom Planter


Narrow Transport Toolbar This toolbar has high clearance, offset lift wheels and many custom options: Tracks, Liquid Fertilizer, Central Seed System, Single Row, Twin-Row, Ultra Narrow Row, etc.


Central Seed System For commodity row crops and greater efficiency in the field with fewer refills, available on the stacker and narrow transport toolbars in Single and Twin-Row configurations.


Tillage configured row units, does not matter if you are full-till, mid-till or no-till or if your acres are a combination of the three.  We have row unit cleaners, firmers and options to maximize your investment.


Liquid or Dry Fertilizer Systems Available


Ground Drive, Hydraulic Drive and Electric Planter Drives Avilable for all your needs

Monosem - Twin Row Planting


Twin-Row is an economical solution for increasing plant populations while still using conventional harvesting equipment.


Additional Benefits


• The ability to increase populations -new hybrids are being developed for high population and high yield - by spacing the plants in Twin-Rows this configuration gives the opportunity to increase the population without the crowding of plants in comparison to equal populations in single row.


• Faster Canopy Quicker canopy helps conserve moisture & control weed pressure by shading between rows.


• Better root development in corn has shown to improve plant standability, reduced wind damage and better yield retention.

Monosem Innovations

Monoshox Air

The Monoshox® Air utilizes the same proven shock absorber and heavy-duty linkage as the original

Monoshox, but replaces the coil-over spring down force adjustment with a pneumatic airbag. In the

Monoshox® Air, down force adjustment is centrally controlled by air pressure that is provided by an

on-board compressor system and is controlled by a small monitor mounted in the tractor cab. The air

pressure in the Monoshox® Air can be adjusted in 1 psi increments from 10 to 100 psi which represents

84-400 lbs. of down pressure, right from the cab.

Fully Mounted Stacking Planter

FULLY MOUNTED Hitch Option for select Monosem stacking toolbar

planters. Rear lift-assist wheels are no longer necessary to help carry the planter.

Monosem Meter Units

The Monosem Metering Box


The metering box is the heart of the Monosem NG Plus planter-- it doesn't skip a beat.

Each component of the metering system is precision engineered to ensure accurate seed singulation every time you plant.

There is no plastic used in this critical part of the machine, only durable metal parts that won't warp or easily wear.


No longer do you have to purchase a planter and then spend 10's of thousands of dollars on precision meters.  Many people say if you where to buy a John Deere or Case planter you have to spend $40,000 to make it plant like a Monosem out of the box.

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