Placing starter on both sides of the row leads to more uniform root development and increase root mass which creats stronger more healthier plants and increased yield.  

Sunco's NutriMate 3 mounts to the row unit of the planter. As a result, the depth control for the nutrient is based on where the seed is placed. The parallel links of the planter unit let the NutriMate 3 float to always place the nutrient in the same place in relation to the seed. There are 3 depth and 3 distance adjustments. The delivery system of the NutriMate 3 allows for accurate placement of high volume of fertilizer (up to 50 gallons) to be used as starter and continued nutrient for plant growth. The "V" opening is then closed with the gauge wheel of the planter row unit. It can be mounted to the individual row units on Monosem, Case IH, John Deere, Kinze and White planters. The NutriMate 3 will work in all types of farming operations: ridge till, no till, minimum till, or conventional tillage.

Sunco NutriMate 3

NutriMate 3 - Double Offset

SaberTooth Floating Residue Manager

Leaving more residue when planting to prevent wind and water erosion is a necessary and accepted farming practice. How to move the trash and make an acceptable seed bed has been a problem. In trash conditions, trash whippers with smooth or notched discs move too much soil, causing unwanted planting depressions and leaving the seed bed susceptible to crusting. Finger wheels that have no concavity skid through the soil, which can bend teeth, and tend to push and wrap trash.

A concave disc, when placed at an angle, will turn easily and flow material to the side. Concavity, along with Sunco's unique tooth design, allows the trash discs to contact material in the seed bed and flow and release it in the center of the row. Sunco also separates the lead and trail discs. This is very important, because trash is all that turns the discs, and if they are competing for the same stalk, root balls, or residue, they will stop turning and plug. The separation of the two discs allows each disc to move material and not compete with the other disc for the same material. Sunco Row Cleaners with exclusive disc concavity, unique tooth design, and disc separation allow you to plant in the toughest trash conditions without plugging!


  • Disc concavity flows trash away from seed bed 

  • 2 triple seal bearings allow for heavy duty work

  • Teeth till soil surface to reduce crusting

  • Trailing disc is set back far enough so it doesn't compete with lead disc for trash and stalks

Yetter 2960-039 No-till Coulter for Monosem

The 2960-039-MW No-Till Coulter, which features a multi-wave blade, lightly tills the ground in front of Monosem planter openers and helps increase seed opener life. This unit-mounted coulter has adjustable depth settings and mounts close to the row unit.


  • Attaches easily to the planter faceplate

  • Utilizes a 25" multi-wave blade

  • Features adjustable depth-setting for blade

Yetter twin-row trash cleaner
Yetter Twin Row Monosem Trash Residu

Yetter Twin Row Trash Manager

Yetter offers three row cleaner solutions designed specifically for narrow, twin-row planting setups. To make adjustments for changing field conditions, these floating, single-wheel residue managers feature Screw Adjust capabilities on John Deere and Great Plains planters and utilize pins as down stops on Monosem planters.


Yetter 2967 Narrow Row Rigid Trash Manager and Row Cleaner

The 2967 Narrow Rigid Row Cleaner is perfect for planters that have limited clearance for residue management. With a wheel angle designed for 15", 20", and 22" rows, it moves a narrow strip of residue to ensure proper seed placement.


  • Mounting bracket and stem allow depth to be changed by moving pin

  • Has adjustable wheel position settings (recommended setting, standing behind the planter, is left half leads left side and right half leads right side)

  • Is available with a range of residue management wheel options

  • Mounts to row-unit faceplate

Yetter 2967 Narrow Row Screw Adjust Trash and residue Manager

Take advantage of time-saving technology with the 2967 Narrow Screw Adjust Row Cleaner designed for 15", 20", and 22" rows. These units can be raised and lowered with the turn of a knob when planter adjustments are needed to adapt to changing field conditions, all while maintaining consistent seed depth.


  • Adjusts in 1/16" increments and features a 7/8" socket to speed fine-tuning with ratchet or impact wrench

  • Depth indicator makes it easy to set depth

  • Reduces adjustment time because moving pins is not required

  • Has adjustable wheel position settings (recommended setting, standing behind the planter, is left half leads left side and right half leads right side)

  • Is available with a range of row cleaner wheel options

  • Mounts to row-unit faceplate

Yetter 6200 Twister Closing Wheel

Achieve seed trench closure and break up sidewall compaction with the 6200 Twister Closing Wheel. A rounded center-ring design maintains the depth of the twisted spikes and makes it effective in a wide range of soil conditions. The Twister Poly Closing Wheel works in wide range of tillage practices: minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.



  • Wheel utilizes twisted poly spike and rounded center

  • Closes the disc opening in both wet and ideal conditions

  • Ring design maintains wheel depth

  • Is available with full wheel assembly or as ring-only insert option for installation of factory wheels

  • Is made with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic material

  • Enhances seed-to-soil contact and helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets

  • Eliminates potential for sidewall compaction

  • 16 teeth per wheel

Yetter 6200 Paddle Closing Wheel

Achieve uniform emergence and break up sidewall compaction with the 6200-004 Paddle Closing Wheel. This unit is designed to fully close the seed trench and provide a smooth finish, even in challenging soil conditions. The Paddle Closing Wheel works in wide range of tillage practices: minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.


  • Fractures sidewall as paddles enter and exit soil

  • Ensures full seed-to-soil contact, preventing yield-robbing air pockets

  • Creates uniform seed trench across entire seed zone

  • Helps warm soil to speed up emergence

  • Designed to run two per row

  • 14 paddles per wheel

Yetter 6200-108 Planter Drag Chain

Working with closing wheels, the 6200-108 Drag Chain provides additional functionality to close the seed trench and help ensure uniform emergence. Quick and easy to install, the Drag Chain works in many different planting conditions.


  • 5/8" beveled twisted-link chain crumbles and moves the soil

  • Attaches easily to tail-wheel assembly on row unit  

Yetter Spoked Depth Gauge Wheels

Traditional closed gauge wheels tend to plug when planting conditions are less than ideal. The Spoke Planter Gauge Wheel from Yetter helps you avoid that frustrating downtime. The open-wheel design allows soil and residue to flow through the spokes, so you spend more time planting and less time cleaning out gauge wheels.


  • Is a direct replacement for standard factory OEM gauge wheels

  • Open-wheel design allows soil and residue to flow through without plugging

  • Is designed for easy installation and access for maintenance

  • Models available in 3" x 16" and 4.5" x 16" widths

  • Durable cast-spoke design handles high load capacities and allows for quick bearing replacement

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