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Complete Fertilizer System 

     Giving you the Yields you need... 

                   Liquid and Dry fertilizer placement done right...  Make it Montag 


The Montag system is made up of three parts, the Auto-Steer Cart, Dry Fertilizer Unit and Liquid Fertilizer Unit all of which are very adaptable and can be easily mixed and matched to your individual specifications. 


These products can also be changed as you grow. 

Proper Placement Can Increase Yields & Reduce Your Fertilizer Costs By as much as 30%.

Montag Auto Steer Approach Allows You to Band Your Fertilizer Using Your Own Equipment.  Saving You Time, Fuel and Money.

Complete Dry Fertilizer Units 

  • 6 or 9 Ton Poly Tank with your choice of Meter (size options) 
    Poly Tank & Lid are made out of a high quality LLDPE plastic with UV stabilizer to increase the life of the tank and lid. 
  • Meter is constructed out of 300 series food grade stainless steel for added chemical resistance. 
  • Hydraulic Fan Motor, Zero-Max hub & Fan 
    The Zero-Max hub holds the fan so the hydraulic motor can be removed simply, easily and quickly without having to adjust the fan in the field. 
  • Air Pressure Gauge
    The air pressure gauge shows the operator the amount of pressure the meter is operating under. 
  • Fertilizer Cleaning Screens  
    The screens (pair) fit into the top of the poly tank to protect the meter from foreign objects. 
  • Hydraulic Auger Drive 
    Consists of the components necessary to operate the meter from a Raven style controller or Micro-Trak controller (controller and cables not included - can be bought separately). 
  • Air Releases for Meter Size 
    Used to vent the excess air from the hoses before injecting the fertilizer in the ground.
Meter Sizes: 


StandardHigh Output 

8 Row

12 Row

16 Row

18 Row 

8 Row

12 Row

16 Row

18 Row

24 Row 

The Montag metering system is unique to the industry with its well-tested design made entirely of 300 series food grade stainless steel.  The Montag metering system has the option of standard or high output - to better fit your fertilizer needs. 

Cart Sizes: 

6 Ton Cart

9 Ton Cart


6 Ton

9 Ton

The steerable cart has many features and options that make it an important part of the success at Montag.  The cart comes in 6, 9 and 12 ton capacities all of which have the ability to auto steer, which is an essential part of any row crop application. 

The Lift Assist can be used to assist in carrying up to 6000lbs.  This is achieved by plumbing the two hydraulic cylinders on the cart into the hydraulic system on your tractors 3 point hitch. 

Tank Sizes: 

 Poly Tank & Lid 


6 Ton 

9 Ton 

Montag dry tanks can be used on many different types of toolbars.  The dimensions are 103" wide, 85" long and 85" high.

The base for the dry consists of two tubes 66" long and 52" apart from the center of each tube.  (Tubes are 4" wide) 

Dry tanks have a non-pressurized 45 degree slop which drastically reduces or eliminates any bridging of the fertilizer while operating the metering system. 



The paint that we use on all our Equipment is a high grade Acrylic Urethane for added Chemical Resistance.

The Poly Tank and Lid are made from a high quality LLDPE plastic with a UV stabilizer to increase the life of the tank and lid.

Meters are constructed of 304 Food Grade stainless steel for added Chemical Resistance.

Montag Carts have the unique ability to Auto Steer in the track of whatever is pulling it.  This allows the cart to both stay off the rows and turn easily at the end of the field.

Montag high capacity tanks, available in a 6 and 9 ton (dry) tank and 1200 and 1700 gallon (liquid) can be purchased individually so that you can interchange between Dry and Liquid applications with ease. 

With our forklift accessible sub-frames switching between Liquid and Dry application is fast and easy. 

All Carts and Skids have universal mounts for ease of assembly. 

Call Us Today As We Can Help Configure The Best Possible Spring & Fall Strip Till Solution For Your Farm

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