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Ozbil PD260/262 Potato Planter



 Our PD260/PD260-2/PD262/PD262-2 Model Potato Planters are designed for the rapid and more professional planting of all potato seeds in the field for large fields. We have 4 different models with Spring-Fixed Foot and Spraying System-Without Spraying.

 If the model with machine spraying system is preferred, seed spraying is also done automatically.

 For perfect sowing, 4 different plate options are available according to seed sizes.

 The sewing process is done automatically without the need for worker assistance.

 In-row planting distance can be adjusted using the gears on the machine.

 The planting feet can be adjusted to suitable planting depths and leave the seeds at the same depth.

 Thanks to the spring feet, it does not compress the ground and does not prevent plant growth.

 The amount of seeds planted in each row is the same.

 The planting lines created are equidistant from each other.

 It saves time as the sewing process is more rapid.

 The end irons made of special steel and treated with heat are resistant to wear.



 PD260 PD260-2 PD262 PD262-2

Length : 1970 mm 1970 mm 2030 mm 2030 mm

Width: 1875 mm 1875 mm 1875 mm 1875 mm

Height: 1725 mm 1980 mm 1705 mm 1950 mm

Weight: 720 kg 760 kg 720 kg 720 kg

Connection Type: Three-Point Suspension (Category II)




Number of Working Rows: 2 Rows

Tractor Power: 60 - 75 HP

Driven Type : Self-Driven

Seed Storage Capacity: 500 - 600 kg (May vary according to seed size.)

Distance Between Rows: 700 - 750 mm Adjustable

Tuber Planting Range: Between 150 mm - 400 mm With Stepless Gear Adjustment

End Iron Hardness: 46 - 50 HRC

Working Width: Adjustable between 1360 mm - 1500 mm

Working Depth: 150 mm - 250 mm

Work Capacity: 5.0 - 6.0 da/h

Seed Plate Type : Plastic Pit

Foot Type : Fixed Fixed Spring Spring Loaded

Pharmaceutical Storage Capacity: - 100 Lt. - 100 Lt.

Spraying Pump: - 12V Electricity - 12V Electricity

Number of Spraying Nozzles: - 4 Pieces - 4 Pieces




The machine is connected to the tractor with a three-point hitch. Pre-prepared seeds for planting are filled into the warehouse. Potato tubers in the warehouse are automatically taken to the plates from two compartments by a conveyor chain on which there are two rows of metal deep plates. The seeds are carried up by the rotation movement of the conveyor chain. During transportation, the seeds that are in excess on the plates are dropped back to the warehouse. The only seeds left on the plates are left on the bed opened by the planter foot. When our model with spraying system is preferred, seed spraying is also done during planting. The planting process is carried out by covering the seeds left with the help of the scratch cover feet with ears.

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