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ProForce by Force unLTD.

Force unLTD Pull Type Spreader

The spreader trailer has the same innovative features as the chassis mounted units and is available with 480/80R46 radial row crop tires or 900/60R32 radial floater tires.  Models available to handle from 10 to 25 ton. Force Unlimited manufactures the only spreader trailer on the market capable of spreading 1, 2, 3 or 4 products at the same time.

Multi-Product Application

Split Application Can be an Important Component of the 4R's of Nutrients.


  • Enhance nutrient efficiency

  • Promote optimum yields

  • Minimize the loss of nutrients

  • Unsurpassed spinner assembly in power, quality & width

  • Most aggressive 30" spinner on the market

  • Optional air or hydraulic swinging endgate

  • Spread lime, fertilizer & cover crops wider, faster and more consistently then any other spreader on the market


The Pro-Force is designed with the proper combination of side slope and conveyor width, for low center of gravity and fast unloading.