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RiteYield - Vegetable Yield Monitor System

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." Everyone wants to manage well, especially high value vegetable and root crops. RiteYield provides the data you need to optimize your returns.

RiteYield technology from Greentronics now makes it possible to install an affordable weighing system in nearly any harvester with a conveyor belt. To calculate yield data, the weight of the crop is measured as it passes over sensors in the conveyor. Yield data is combined with GPS data to create a complete yield map.

The RiteYield system is designed with the installer and end-user in mind. It includes just a few components so installation and set-up can be completed in a short time. With a few calibration steps and a connection to Trimble or AgLeager GPS and data logging equipment, the system is ready to collect yield data.




  • Collect and display yield data, as well as individual load weights, and running totals for bins, fields, varieties and test plot areas.

  • Quick calibration. Tare calibration is very simple and easily repeated as needed.

  • Adaptable.  This system can be adapted to fit conveyors with belted chain or rubber belts.

  • Durable.  Well designed components will stand the test of time and require little maintenance.

  • Tilt compensation option. For  operating in hilly fields.

  • In-Line Conveyor Scale option.The RiteYield system includes all the components needed for an in-line weighing system. Between harvest seasons, the yield monitor can be installed in a truck loader or other conveyor and so work double duty.

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