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Spray Hoods and Broadcast Spray Hoods

Redball 915 Row Crop Hooded Sprayer

The 915 Row Crop Hooded Sprayer is the ultimate weapon against resistant weeds. It has better control of herbicide spray, reducing the chance of spray escaping. The longer hood design and open front allows weeds to enter the hood and provides improved spray coverage with different herbicides. The 915 Spray Hood also provides versatility with 16", 22", 28" and 30" hoods to protect your crops and improve coverage.

Willmar Fabrication 915 Row Crop Hoo
Hooded Row Crop Spray Hoods by WF
Fight Round Up Resistant Weeds With
Willmar Fabrication 915
In Row Spray Hoods by Willmar Fab
Row Crop Spray Hoods
Willmar 915
Row Crop Spray Hoods Fast Facts
  • Longer hood for better spray coverage

  • Sloped hood allows crop to flow around

  • Open front for flow of weeds into hood

  • Improved spray surface area

  • 50 mesh screens to reduce clogging

  • Skids have hardened surface

  • Mounting brackets pre-punched

  • Down pressure spring reduces crop injury

  • Nozzle retention plate attached to hood

  • Greased hinges reduce wearing

  • Most effective equipment available for controlling escaped weeds

  • Helps preserves soil moisture by not distributing soil

  • Leaves residue herbicide barrier unbroken

  • Allows for quicker re-entry in wet conditions

Redball 642E Three-Point Wheeled Boom Broadcast Spray Hood

The 642E Three-Point Broadcast Hooded Sprayer with Over-Center Fold showcases a simple design that helps reduce herbicide drift and improves spraying accuracy. Just like its 642 companion, the 642E is ideal for spraying along field borders and buffers. The Redball-Hooded™ Sprayer demonstrates good stewardship and is equipped with the original Redball Gen II Broadcast Spray Hoods.

Broadcast Spray Hoods Fast Facts
Redball 642E 3 point broadcast Hood
  • Includes 30' - 60' wide tractor-mounted, 3 point wheel booms

  • Spray drift studies have shown Redball Gen II Broadcast Hoods help reduce drift*

  • Spray nozzles are mounted inside the hood to protect the spray pattern from wind disruption for better coverage

  • Features an over-center fold & a more simple design

  • Constant boom height for proper herbicide placement with use of gauge wheels

  • Ability to place wings in float cylinders allow wings to follow contours

  • Easy adjustment of gauge wheel settings

Redball 420 Lay-By Hooded Sprayer

Pinpoint where you want to spray with the Redball Lay-By Hooded Sprayer. This Redball-Hooded™ Sprayer limits herbicide spray drift while making precise applications. It comes equipped with original Redball Spray Hoods, available in both narrow and wide sizes, acting as wind shields. Also includes Redball Spray Monitors and a durable mainframe for long term reliability.

Redball 420 Narrow Row Banded Spraye
Row Crop Spray Hoods Fast Facts
  • Spray between crop rows at faster speeds while limiting spray drift

  • Directed spray nozzles enclosed inside the spray hood to prevent damage to plants

  • Hood kits available in 10'', 20'' and 28'' widths

  • Can be assembled with ultra-narrow rows, narrow rows or wide rows

Redball 410 Conservation Row Crop Hooded Sprayer

Limit spray drift and help control resistant weeds with the Redball 410 Conservation Hooded Sprayer. This Redball-Hooded™ Sprayer lets you apply between the rows. Armed with Redball Spray Monitors, this conservation sprayer also includes Redball Spray Hoods molded of high impact poly that makes them durable and non-corrosive.

Redball 410 Conservation Hooded Spra
Row Crop Spray Hoods Fast Facts
  • Spray between the rows to eliminate cultivation in cotton and other row crop

  • Conserve moisture

  • Sprayer available in narrow or wide row models

  • Hood kits available 14'', 20'', 28'' widths as well as 36'' and 46'' for sugarcane and other labeled specialty crops

Redball 210 OverRow Hooded Sprayer

The Redball® 210 Over-Row Hooded Sprayer is ideal for banding applications of post-emerge herbicides over-the-row. Lined with durable Redball® Spray Hoods and Monitors, the 210 Hooded Sprayer limits spray drift while high-pressure banding crops. This Redball® Sprayer can save you trips and herbicide, which ultimately can save you money.

Redball 210 over row sprayer hood
Row Crop Spray Hoods Fast Facts
  • Ideal for banding applications of post-emerge herbicides over-the-row

  • Two side nozzle configuration is placed for maximum plant coverage

  • Hood kits available in 20'' widths

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