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Sator Compakt Carrot Harvester

Designed to be used with smaller tractors 70 hp on small farm and CSA operations, making a lightweight, compact top-lift carrot harvester that has the harvesting capacity to meet mid-size growers.

The lengths of the belts enables the operator to have great visibility of the pick-up point, for ease of operation.

The patented technology of various lengths of belts enables to transport carrot, cut the tops and discharge the tops back into the field, in such a way that the harvester can work continuously without  the need to clean the space between the cutting knives and the belts.


  • independent hydraulic system (2-section pomp)

  • working width of the conveyors 468/550 mm

  • height of conveying to 3,5 m

  • min. powder of a tractor: 70 km

  • working speed: max 8 km/h

  • road speed: max 25 km/h

  • two lengths of belts: 3,9 and 4,2 m

Options / Accessories
  • hydraulic torpedoes

  • hydraulic cleaning of a root (hydraulic shaking)

  • adjustable speed regulation of lifters belt

  • adjustable speed regulation of a conveyors belt

  • cascade

Sator XXL Carrot and Root Crop Harvester

Sator XXL is designed to harvest carrot and other root vegetables in a professional efficient way. Optimum angle of the carrot lifting enables work even in the most difficult conditions. The harvester, thanks to special construction of the conveyor, divided in 3 places, allows for easy loading of boxes on various types of trucks on various heights.

The length of the conveyor gives the possibility to drive the truck in a considerable distance from the harvester.

Sator XXL thanks to compact shape of the harvester cooperates even with small tractors.


  • independent hydraulic system

  • big conveyor belt width 650 mm

  • big conveyor working belt width 558 mm

  • adjustable speed regulation of lifters belt and conveyors belt

  • two lengths of belts: 4,3 and 4,5 m

Options / Accessories

  • hydraulic torpedoes

  • cleaning of a root (hydraulic shaking)

  • cascade

Sator Double Max Harvester

Sator offers agricultural machinery which thanks to unique solutions make work more efficient and at the same time allows for easy operation preserving long living of machines.

While designing machinery we use suggestions and advices of farmers, who use such machines in their daily life. Sator harvesters are designed for such vegetables as: carrot, red beet, round and long turnip, celery, parsley, parsnip. They characterized with great harvesting construction.

Appropriate technology enables to work in every condition regardless the weather and type of soil.

Sator Double Max is a construction that while working stops as the last one.


  • two lifters spaced in 75 cm

  • possibility of spacing regulation 

  • smooth belts

  • 4-section pomp (independent hydraulic system)

  • big conveyor working width 1,09 m

  • small conveyor working width 1,07 m

  • height of conveyor lifting 3,5 m

  • working length of belts: 7,4 m

Sator Super Fast Self Propelled Carrot H

Sator Super Fast Self Propelled Carrot Harvester

Sator has designed the Super Fast top  lift carrot harvester with maximizing production in mind.  From Sator's special designed knife system that does not require extra labour to clean the top discharge area, to operator comfort within the state of the art operator cab.

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