Set your own pace

Our engineering team has developed track systems that can be adapted to various categories of tractors to give you the freedom to do your work when you want. We know that a considerable number of unpredictable events can affect your work. That's why we're offering a solution to help you set your own work pace, improve your agronomic practices, and save fuel, time and money. For any project, big or small, Soucy Track systems for tractors can make a big difference.

Soucy Benefits


In several parts of the world, dual wheels are not an option because of vehicle width restrictions. Therefore, our track systems are the ideal solution because they affect vehicle width little or not at all, while providing great flotation.

For a tractor, our tracks systems offer the same footprint as quadruple tires at the rear and triple tires at the front.


Full power at any time- Our four-track system enables tractors to use their full power at any time. Unlike with a two-track tractor, it's never necessary to block or slow down a track to make a turn. The tractor sends all of its power forward, and since it turns as though it were on wheels, the soil remains in better condition through turns.


More power to the ground- We've designed our systems for optimal ground surface area in rough conditions. Therefore, tractors distribute power to the ground much more effectively. They have better traction, slip far less often, and consume much less fuel.



Comfort and stability- Our tandem system allows the tracks of your combine harvester to hug the terrain, ensuring optimum comfort and excellent stability.


For a smooth ride- Compared to the jerky motion of a tractor on two tracks, our system tightly hugs the terrain, ensuring incomparable rolling comfort. Your long days will be more relaxing behind the wheel of a tractor equipped with our track system. Also, you'll no longer have to worry about damaging your vehicle because the risk of ground impact is greatly reduced.

Sprayer and Equipment Stability

Our track systems provide great stability to spraying equipment by reducing slippage and sinking associated with tires. Thanks to this stability, you can lower your ramps easily and save on solution.

Great VersatilIty


Our track systems for trailers are very versatile and can be used all year round. For example, a track system for a grain cart can also be adapted to your seed drill or planter. That way, you maximize the use of your system and your soil benefits from it in more operations.

Good agronomic practices


By implementing a Soucy Track system, you'll improve your agronomic practices.

Soil protection


Vehicles are getting increasingly heavy, and tires can no longer properly support these loads without damaging the soil.


The perfect complement to Controlled Traffic Farming


Controlled traffic farming is an agricultural practice that has proven itself and is increasingly popular around the world. It consists of always driving on the same paths to reduce soil compaction. However, this method has some disadvantages. One of them is the creation of ruts caused by the repeatedly driving machinery over the same tramlines. Tires also create mounds of earth that damage and harm the growth of adjacent plants. Thanks to their flat surface and large ground contact area, the Soucy Track system eliminates these problems and brings controlled traffic farming to a higher level.

Protecting soil and row quality


As vehicles get increasingly heavy, their tires damage your crops in several ways. First, the high pressure they exert on the soil causes compaction, which significantly reduces irrigation quality. Also, their rounded shape often damages crops by creating piles of dirt alongside rows.


Unlike wheels, Soucy Track systems, with their vast ground surface area, provide uniform irrigation and protect rows and crops.


Reduced compaction


The rubber tracks minimize soil compaction by considerably reducing the pressure that vehicles exert on the ground. The less soil is compacted, the greater its water and air supply, and the better the harvest. This is a significant benefit in the medium and long term.

For example, a combine equipped with the most popular wheels will inflict a 25 lb/in2 (1,76 kg/cm2) pressure on the ground. That very same combine equipped with a Soucy Track system reduces that pressure to 5,8 lb/in2 (0,41 kg/cm2).

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