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AppliMax Spray Nozzle Lights


Spraying when there is low, or no, light lets you get more acres done and apply spray more effectively.


High intensity LED lights illuminate the spray pattern

Clearly see the spray pattern so you don’t miss

You can easily see spray pattern from the cab

Strobe spray pattern diagnostic setting “freezes” spray to show pattern distortions due to blockage or wear [Patent pending]

Fits most sprayers


AppliMax Transport Safety Lights


Light up your equipment to make it more noticeable during transport, day or night, to reduce accidents.


High intensity LED lights

Lights have integrated reflector to attract attention, even when the lights are not turned on

Easy to install

12 volt - powered by flashers

30,000 plus hour LED life



AppliMax Tank Sight Gage Light


Back-light the sight gage tube on your sprayer tank to make the level easier to see, day or night.


High intensity LED light strip

Easy to install

12 volt powered

30,000 plus hour LED life

Fits most sprayers




AppliMax Spray Boom Remote Control


Control the spray boom from outside the cab to make nozzle calibration, inspection and maintenance quicker and easier.


Smart Series model lets you control spray booms using your Smartphone

Standard model has easy to use hand-held Remote

Individual or all boom sections on or off

Indicator lights show when boom sections are on or off

Easily installs on sprayer and doesn’t interfere with existing sprayer controls

50 yard/50 meter range




AppliMax Spray Nozzle Calibrator


Quickly and easily ensure your nozzles are applying the correct application rate and check nozzle wear.


Easy to use - just place under a spray nozzle for approximately 30 seconds

Application rate and flow rate are displayed

Accurate - up to 3500 measurements are taken during each test

Nozzle readings can be stored

Smart Series model

Precision pressure sensor plugs into calibrator and easily connects between nozzle body and spray nozzle

Nozzle output and pressure are measured simultaneously to determine nozzle wear

Measurements can be recorded by job number and transferred to the AppliPad to create permanent record, email or print-out

100 Series model

Nozzle Comparator feature lets you compare individual nozzle output against the average for the sprayer to identify worn or restricted tips




 AppliMax Spray Performance Kit


Everything you need for optimal spray nozzle performance.. all in one convenient kit, including:


Spray Boom Remote Control

Spray Nozzle Calibrator

Wind Meter / Thermometer

Water PH Tester

Spray Nozzle Air Blaster

Spray Nozzle Pressure Tester

Spray Nozzle Brush

Safety gloves

Safety glasses

Storage space for extra spray nozzles and nozzle bodies

Rugged, compact case easily stores on sprayer or water truck