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Seed Research Equipment Solutions - Worlds Best Plot and Research Planters and Seeders

SRES Planters & Equipment

If It's A Seed, We Can Plant It.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions Standard Research and Plot Planter.png

Flex Planter

Customers asked for a more versatile row spacing research plot planter, and SRES has delivered with the Flex planter configuration.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions Ultra Narrow Row Plot and Research Drill and Planter

Runabout Planter

The SRES Runabout planter is a compact two-row planter that is three-point mounted. It is economical and easy to maneuver for filling in standard to small plots.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions - SRES - Mini Seed Plot Planter and Seeder

Drill Planter

SRES revolutionized the vacuum planter market with the best performance in the industry. The SRES Drill follows the principles of simple performance. The SRES controls and multiple opener options make these drills able to plant any of your plots that need a drill.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions - Worlds Best Plot and Research Planters and Seeders

Since Monosem is known all over the world for seed spacing and singulation, the SRES planters start with a commercial Monosem planter. Then we add the critical parts that transform it into the plot planter it is without sacrificing the reliability of the original.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions - FLEX Plot and Research Planter.png

Ultra Narrow Planter

The SRES Ultra-narrow planter is a multifunctional piece of equipment that can be used as a planter, drill or seeder. The advantage of this planter is that it uses a seed meter for extreme precision.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions - SRES Runabout Plot and Research Planter

MS Planter

The SRES mini seed planter or MS planter can plant a wide variety of small seeds. The Monosem MS planter is the standard for commercial vegetable seed planting, and we transformed it for your plot planting needs.

Seed Research Equipment Solutions - SRES - Seed Drill Plot and Research Planter

Belt Cone

Breathe new life into your old cone planter or drill with the SRES Belt Cone. It uses an electric motor that allows it to be located almost anywhere. It’s also used on new cone planters and drills.

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