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Veris Technologies Soil Sensor Platforms

We’re about helping your manage variability.

Whether you’re a grower, consultant, supplier, or researcher—you have something in common: your fields vary. The variability may be in water-holding capacity, organic matter, yield potential, nematode pressure, soil pH—or many other possibilities. One thing is certain—managing these fields as if they were uniform is not the best strategy.

Before you can manage soil variability— or manage inputs differently, you need to map it. And map it with the accuracy and intensity that truly captures the variations. Veris Technologies is dedicated to designing and building the products you need to map and manage your variability.

Soil Sensing and Mapping Technology Leaders

Examining Herbicide Carryover

Here is a great video showing how the information from a Veris Technologies Soil Sensor System can increase your knowledge and help identify high risk herbicide carry over risk areas in your fields.


Helping Maximize Your Yields and Profits

Learn More About The MSP3

Learn more about the Veris MSP3 the on the go soil Electical Conductivity - Organic Matter - pH sensor offering on the go high resolution soil maps to help growers and agronomists make more informed crop decisions.


The MSP3 is the original multi sensor platform for farmers.  Offering lab quality results, at a much higher frequency then traditional grid sampling.  The MSP3 accually places its sensors into the soil to make the reading, insuring higher accuracy and dependability.

Variable Rate Lime Application Payback Explaination and Verification

Comparing the high resolutions mapping techniques of the Veris MSP3 to 2.5 acre grid sampling technologies and how the high resolution sensing offering the ability to variable rate apply lime in the correct areas of the fields with higher accuracy.


Learn how the increased accuracy offers paybacks in increased yields, reduced and correctly placed inputs and increased profits.