Spray Hoods and Broadcast Spray Hoods

Redball 915 Row Crop Hooded Sprayer

The 915 Row Crop Hooded Sprayer is the ultimate weapon against resistant weeds. It has better control of herbicide spray, reducing the chance of spray escaping. The longer hood design and open front allows weeds to enter the hood and provides improved spray coverage with different herbicides. The 915 Spray Hood also provides versatility with 16", 22", 28" and 30" hoods to protect your crops and improve coverage.

Willmar Fabrication 915 Row Crop Hoo
Hooded Row Crop Spray Hoods by WF
Fight Round Up Resistant Weeds With
Willmar Fabrication 915
In Row Spray Hoods by Willmar Fab
Row Crop Spray Hoods
Willmar 915
Row Crop Spray Hoods Fast Facts
  • Longer hood for better spray coverage

  • Sloped hood allows crop to flow around

  • Open front for flow of weeds into hood

  • Improved spray surface area

  • 50 mesh screens to reduce clogging

  • Skids have hardened surface

  • Mounting brackets pre-punched

  • Down pressure spring reduces crop injury

  • Nozzle retention plate attached to hood

  • Greased hinges reduce wearing

  • Most effective equipment available for controlling escaped weeds

  • Helps preserves soil moisture by not distributing soil

  • Leaves residue herbicide barrier unbroken

  • Allows for quicker re-entry in wet conditions

WIllmar 915 Advantages and Benefits

FEATURE                                                                       ADVANTAGE                                                                           BENEFIT

Sloped front                                              Allows crop limbs to flow around hood                                 Reduced damage to crop

Longer hood                                                            Better spray coverage                                               Improved weed control

Longer hood                                                                    More stability                             More consistent post direct application

Open front on hood                                        Easier flow of weeds into hood vs. 420 hood                      Improved weed control

Larger weed gathering bars 1/2" vs. 3/8"                    More durable                                         Less repair and replacement cost

Three nozzles under hood                                Better coverage vs. 420 hood                                          Improved weed control

Improved nozzle placement

- front to back and side placement                Improved coverage vs. 410 hood                             Potentially better weed control

Center nozzle height

- approximately three inches higher              Improved coverage vs. 410 hood                             Potentially better weed control

Nozzle size - 02 vs.1.5

- uses 50 mesh screen                                         Less screen clogging                              Less down time for cleaning screens

Nozzle retention plate

- held by nut molded into plastic vs. screw into plastic   More durable                                                                         Less repair

Spray hoses recessed into hood                    Keeps limbs on large cotton from damaging hoses        Less repair and potential                                                                                                                                                       crop damage from loose hoses

Skids, hardened surface                                          Longer life of skids                            Less replacement cost and repair time

Stronger down pressure springs           Holds hood in contact with ground better             Less potential for spray escaping and                                                                                                                                                                                        crop injury

Grease fittings in hinges                  Stop hinges from becoming rusted and frozen up  Reduced cost of repairs and repair time

Mounting brackets

pre-punched for 4, 5, & 7 inch toolbars           Allows grower to fit to his toolbar        Potential savings in switching to 915 hood.